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Volunteers needed

NETS is staffed by a combination of paid local staff and unpaid volunteers from around the world. For more details regarding paid positions please contact the Principal.

NETS is always in need of volunteers who would love to serve the Lord by offering their skills in the areas of

  • IT
  • car mechanics
  • fundraising
  • public relations
  • graphic design
  • electricity
  • plumbing
  • welding
  • any other maintenance skills

We would love to have a list of professional workers we can occasionally turn to when the need arises. We would also be grateful for those who could come to teach our staff some of those skills.

If you would like to serve NETS as a professional volunteer on an ad hoc basis as and when you can spare a little bit of time please email us or call 061 222 885.

T. +264 61 222 885
E. office@nets.edu.na
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