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Student Representative Council (SRC)

The SRC is a dynamic student body that looks after the interests of the students and helps to strengthen relationships among students. The SRC is also a platform which gives students opportunities to air their views and to discuss things which might be of concern to them. Students are serving on the council for a period of one year and can be re-elected again. The following offices are allocated within the student body:

Chairperson: Ephraim Muesee

Vice Chairperson: Jerome Jansen

Treasurer: Katenda Shidute

Secretary: Zoe Beukes

1st Year representative:

Sports officer: Uaundja Karamata

Student Dean: Pastor Paul Makai

The SRC have different programs which are presented during the course of the year and a variety of speakers are also invited to talk about current social issues and to encourage students spiritually.

Topics that are being presented include missionary visits, dynamic youth and children ministries, cancer, financial stewardship, spiritual growth and many more.

The SRC's sports officer is in charge of promoting sport activities among students but also to allow students opportunities to have fellowship with one another and to relax from their studies.

At the end of each semester, the SRC also takes initiative to appreciate their lecturers by blessing them with a lunch which is always highly valued.

During the course of next semester, the students are planning to have a fun day in order to generate funds for their body.


NETS offers separate male and female hostel accommodation for students. Students staying in the hostel share a room with one other student and have access to shared bathrooms and a communal kitchen. No food is provided at NETS; all accommodation is self-catered. There is also limited accommodation available for married students or families.

T. +264 61 222 885
E. office@nets.edu.na
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