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Building for the Future

Building now for the future of gospel ministry in Namibia

We invite you to partner with us in an exciting project which has the potential to secure the financial future of training for Christian leaders throughout Namibia and the neighbouring

NETS (Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary) has been and is still very reliant on overseas donations for the everyday running of the college. We are offering an opportunity to be part of changing that for future generations.

  • NETS owns land and Windhoek need housing.
  • We have plans to develop the land with blocks of 2 bedroom flats suitable for student accommodation.
  • Each block we build will generate enough rental income to pay one full-time Namibian lecturer or distance learning coordinator.
  • The sooner we are able to compete each block, the sooner we are able to employ more Namibian staff members.
  • This is a LONG TERM SUSTAINABLE solution to our funding issues.
  • Your gifts will enable the training of Pastors Namibia in perpetuity.

T. +264 61 222 885
E. office@nets.edu.na
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